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Statement by Bishop Peter Ingham on the Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill 2017

on Friday, 01 September 2017. Posted in Bishop Peter Ingham

Statement by Bishop Peter Ingham on the Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill 2017


My Dear Parishioners

I invite you to sign a petition against the “Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill 2017” in the NSW State Parliament.  If this Bill is passed, it will send a message that we as a society have abandoned our deep human commitment not to deliberately take someone’s life. Legalising euthanasia and assisted suicide means we are abandoning people at a time when they are in the greatest need of our love, care and support.

The Church defends human life as sacred – life is a gift of God from womb to tomb.

Some people do suffer unnecessary pain and distress in dying, even in our world- class health system. Governments could deal more constructively with this by providing increased resources for palliative care, both for patients as well as their families and friends who suffer their own distress. Medical and nursing schools need to bring courses on palliative care in from the margins to the centre of their training, not only for specialists but for general practitioners too.

Our death is the critical point of our lives. We are at the gateway to eternity – on the edge of the mystery beyond us, when our need of pastoral and pain-free care, hope and forgiveness is vital.

With every blessing


Most Rev Peter W Ingham DD

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