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Who are we?

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Catholic Diocese of Wollongong - Who are We? Come, Holy Spirit - prayer
Meaning 'whole' or 'universal'. Catholics are Christians who love Jesus Christ, believe he is the living God for all humanity, and try to live out the mission he entrusted to us in our world by cooperating with the Spirit of God present in our Church. What are you looking for?

Diocese: Comes from a Greek word (dioikesis), it referred to the management of a household. Diocese for Catholics is the term given to a territory managed or served by a Bishop.

Our Bishop is Peter Ingham.

Wollongong: Wollongong is where the cathedral of our diocese is located. But the diocese itself extends from Helensburgh in the north down to Ulladulla in the South. From the coast, the region extends up to the Southern Highlands and north into southwest Sydney. Find out more about our diocese.

Being Catholic - Being Christian
Catholics are baptised Christians who follow Jesus Christ through their life in the Spirit, lived out in the Catholic Church. Meeting up to celebrate and give thanks for the good things in life with people who've become friends is a real joy. Catholics gather to give thanks in the Eucharist, or Mass. Some people say that you don't need to be Christian to have a relationship with God, but we believe in the importance of the faith community, and that as Christ followers, are doing his will by trying to build up his church, the people of God. Find out more about our People, our Parishes or our Services and Groups.

The following words help describe the Catholic Church:

The Apostle's Creed

Through our life in the Spirit, Our Church unites all kinds of people who are bound together by their beliefs and their life values. The Pope is the one who unites our universal Church.

Our Church is holy because through it we can draw closer to God. We believe the Holy Spirit is the one who guides our Church.

Our Church is a place for everyone, where all belong equally and are welcomed.

Our Church is apostolic because it has remained faithful and has safeguarded the beliefs and practices Jesus gave his first followers (called apostles). Over the years we have faithfully handed on the teachings, values and sacred scriptures.

Roman Catholic Church, Maronite Catholic Church and Ukrainian Catholic Church

While many Catholics refer to themselves as "Roman Catholic", there are many other types of Catholics. The Roman rite is one of many rites or Churches. Each Church is fully Catholic and has inherited a long tradition which is reflected in their worship and sacramental practice.

While there are a number of rites, formally present in the region bound by our diocese are the following:

  • Maronite Catholic Church
  • Ukrainian Catholic Church
What about you?

We welcome your enquiries about joining our faith. If you have moved away from our church over time, we also invite you back, and seek your forgiveness if you have experienced hurt through our community.

Peace be with you.
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