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Where is the Diocese of Wollongong?

Maps and boundaries of the Diocese...
Where is the Diocese?
Location map of the Diocese


Comprising the territory in New South Wales as follows: Commencing in the south at a point from the Pacific Coast along the northern shore of Durras Lake; by the Shoalhaven Shire boundary to the point at which the Nowra-Nerriga Road crosses the Pigeon House Range; by a direct line to the source of the Ettrema Creek; by Ettrema Creek to its confluence with the Shoalhaven River; by the Shoalhaven River, Barbers and Urangalla Creek, Paddy's and Wollondilly Rivers to the junction of the Wollondilly River and Guineacor Creek; by a direct line to Mount Werong; to the junction of Cox's River and the Wollondilly River; by the Warragamba River to its junction with Monkey Creek and the Wollondilly River; by a direct line to the junction of Northern Road and Greendale Road; by Bringelly Road to the Hume Highway; by the Hume Highway to the Cross Roads; by Glenfield Road and Canterbury Road to the Southern Railway; by a line due east to the George's River; by the George's River to Oxford Road; by Oxford Road and Albert Road and its extension to William's Creek; by William's Creek upstream to a point on this Creek due east of Campbelltown Railway Station; from this point by direct line to Eckersley Trigonometrical Station; by direct line to the junction of the Illawarra Railway and the Southern boundary of National Park; by the southern boundary of National Park in an easterly direction to the Pacific Ocean. Area: 11,338 square kilometres.
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