Considering a vocation


For those considering a vocation: invitations to Catholics to consider saying “yes” to a religious vocation. 1. Practice the faith. We all need to be reminded that the whole point of our lives...

Vocations to the Priesthood

A priest is called to be a man of God, leading people to know and love Jesus Christ and transforming the world by bringing heaven to life on earth.

A Life of Service It is said that a diocesan priest is someone who lives with the people and each becomes a part of the other’s life. Diocesan priests work and serve within parish...

Why guys become priests

If you feel drawn to this life of service, share your questions with others...

Why do guys become priests? to lead from the heart of the community to follow in Christ’s footsteps to bring hope to those who are disillusioned to give courage to those who are afraid...
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