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Articles in Category: Bishop Peter Ingham

Easter Greetings and Blessings

19 March 2008

The Cross is the ultimate symbol that touches the depth of our spirit. The Cross speaks to us of service, of sacrifice, of hope, of love, of fidelity and of faith. While these deeper realities cannot be mathematically demonstrated, they are values whose unfathomable depths always leave room...

Via Crucis - Via Lucis

15 March 2008

Via Crucis - Via Lucis

Any Catholic worth his or her salt knows about the Via Crucis - the Way of the Cross.   We Catholics follow Jesus on his journey to Calvary, not only during Lent, and especially on Good Friday, but also at other times when our personal...

Apology to the Stolen Generations

13 February 2008

  • It is my hope and prayer that formally saying 'sorry' in our national Parliament to our Aboriginal and Torres Stait Islander peoples will unlock a great healing for our nation.
  • Prior to reconciliation has to come recognition of our historical reality. Our inability to do this...

We live in a media world

15 January 2008

We live in a media world

In 1963 the Second Vatican Council set out to guide the Church pastorally on the phenomenon of the modern media and how to respond to it.  The Council spoke of the four main sources of media:  public broadcast (radio), television, the printed...

Ignoring What’s Elementary & Obvious

20 November 2007

Sherlock Holmes and his faithful companion, Dr Watson, once went on a camping trip. On arrival, they set up their tent and, after cooking a meal over the campfire, they eventually retired for the night in their sleeping bags. They woke up about 2am. Holmes said: "Watson, look up. What do you...

What cancer cannot do

22 August 2007

When a priest I know was diagnosed with a form of cancer, he not only spoke about his ongoing months of treatment but also of how it gave him a first‐hand appreciation of the many emotional and spiritual challenges that any of us, and those we love, might go through, should any be presently...

Seventy and Ninety

20 August 2007

People who study the significance of numbers find an interesting source for their investigation, both in Scripture and the Liturgy – the meanings of numbers can throw additional light on God and how God planned to save us through sending his Son, Jesus, born of the Virgin Mary.


Reflections on the Immaculate Heart of Mary

08 June 2007

To be celebrated on the weekend of 16-17 June 2007.

Today’s first reading and the gospel celebrate God’s generosity in forgiveness. God forgives David and Jesus forgives the woman. The two main characters, David and Simon the Pharisee, stand in sharp contrast to one...

What's it all about?

23 May 2007

Once, when on a train to Sydney, I got talking to a young man in his final year of a Business & Commerce Degree. He told me he had his whole life planned already. I asked, “What will you do when you finish university?” He said, “I’ve got a job lined up in Sydney”, and mentioned a...

On Holy Ground

04 May 2007

On 24 April, I launched for Wollongong Diocese an Ecological Vision for Catholic Education in NSW entitled On Holy Ground. God said to Moses remove the sandals from your feet … you are standing on holy ground (Exodus 3:5)....

Lenten Pastoral Letter: Open Wide the Doors to Christ

18 February 2007

To the People of the Diocese, my Brother Priests and our Consecrated Religious

My question at the start of my annual Pastoral Message for the beginning of Lent 2007: What is the difference between a window and a door? Well, you and I can look out of a window and catch a...

Year of Welcome

03 December 2006

My dear Fathers and People of the Diocese,

The Advent Season bids us “to stay awake’ (Lk 21:36), to “practise honesty and integrity’ (Jer 33:15) and “to love one another’ (1 Thess 3:12) as it directs our minds...